Levels of code coverage

I’ve been reviewing the Glossary of Testing Terms from the ISTQB®.  There are several defined code coverage types where one type of coverage is a super- or subset of another.  In order to better understand the relationships between these types of coverage, I’ve turned them into a Venn diagram.

For reference, here are the statements from which the Venn diagram was derived:

100% path coverage implies 100% LCSAJ coverage.

100% LCSAJ coverage implies 100% decision coverage.

100% multiple condition coverage implies 100% modified condition decision coverage.

100% modified condition decision coverage implies 100% decision condition coverage.

100% decision condition coverage implies both 100% condition coverage and 100% decision coverage.

100% decision coverage implies both 100% branch coverage and 100% statement coverage.

100% branch coverage implies both 100% decision coverage and 100% statement coverage.

Getting started in testing

I’m changing careers to software testing.  Since I’m currently a n00b, I’ve started this blog to help me get a foothold into the testing/QA community.

There was a recent Reddit post by a user whose situation seems similar to mine.  The take-away points are:

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